Delicious bites straight from our cheese case paired with a complimentary wine flight tasting.  Cheese Plate meets wine class.

Seating is limited, reservations encouraged.  Walk-ins welcome.

Featured Tasting Boards



Tasting Board - $40

  • Featured Wine (Served with Two Flights)
    • Canella Prosecoo Rose DOCG 187 ml
    • Field Records PETS Petite Sirah
    • Curatolo Arini Marsala Superiore Dolce
  • Featured Cheese
    • Cocoa Cardona
    • Red Windsor
    • Whipped Stilton
  • Paired with Raspberries, Sucrose Bakery Dulce de Leche & Raspberry Macaroons, Spiced Almonds, and Askinosie Chocolate Bars

Winter White


Tasting Board - $22

  • Featured Wine
    • Sijnn White
    • Stolpman Roussanne
    • Clemens Busch Riesling Trocken
  • Featured Cheeses: French Brie, Marieke Mature Gouda
  • Paired with Toasted Pecans, Salume Beddu Cacciatorini, Figs, Local Honey, and Breadsticks
  • Includes 1 wine tasting flight
  • Additional tasting flight $11

Sherry's Trip to Spain


Tasting Board - $20

  • Featured Wine
    • Emilio Moro Tempranillo "Finca Resalso"
    • Buil & Gine 'Gine Gine' Bodegas
    • Barbadillo Oloroso VQRS
  • Featured Cheeses: Tetilla DOP, Garrotxa, Zamorano
  • Paired with Manzanilla Olives, Palacios Chorizo, Spanish Cocktail Nut Mix, Black Grapes Spread
  • Includes 1 wine tasting flight
  • Additional tasting flight $10

Local Whiskey Board

Tasting Board - $30

  • Featured Whiskey
    • Missouri Spirits Bourbon - Springfield, MO
    • Still 630 Rally Point Rye - St Louis, MO
    • J. Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey - Kansas City, MO
  • Featured Cheeses
    • Fontina Fontal, Avonlea Cheddar, Ossau Iraty
  • Paired with Dried Apricots, Marcona Almonds, Prosciutto, and breadsticks 
  • Includes one whiskey tasting flight
  • Additional tasting flight $12
Whiskey Board 1.jpg