Originally created in Brie, France, this cheese has a rich history. French kings 

were paid tributes with this cheese, loved by Charlemagne in the 8th century, 

crowned le roi du fromage by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, and is still the best 

known of the world-renowned cheeses today. 

Brie is a bloomy rind/soft ripened cow milk cheese. It has a fluffy white rind, 

straw-yellow paste with a mild taste, which is buttery, gently salty, slightly sweet, 

and a vague earthy hint of mushroom aroma. Brie is also one of the truly great 

dessert cheeses. Our version is produced by Fromagerie Henri Hutin, The  name 

when it comes to French Brie, founded in 1922 by Henri Hutin, master cheese 


Try pairing this Brie with a crisp Champagne or other similar sparkling along with 

a crusty baguette. Also, light to medium reds such as a Pinot Noir make a good 

match with most softer cheeses. Additional accompaniments would be berries, 

sweet chutney, apples, and walnuts. And on top of baked Brie…! 

Otherwise, always serve Brie at room temperature to bring out all of its flavors.

Come in this week for a taste.