Cork & Rind is a proud member of the St. Charles community.  As part of that community, we are committed to supporting local organizations within the financial and time resources we have to offer.  If you would like to request support from Cork & Rind, please fill out the form below.  Due to legal restraints for our type of business, we are limited to the following.

  • Recipient and/or Event must be located in the St. Charles, MO area
  • Recipient must be a 501(c)3 organization
  • Requests must be made with at least 20 days notice
  • Types of donations we can offer
    • Auction Items (private classes, tasting board vouchers)
    • Discounts on wine purchases (can not offer at less than wholesale cost)
    • Fundraising Event at Cork & Rind

Cork & Rind: Donation

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Event Location
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